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Lawson provides enterprise software and service solutions in the manufacturing, distribution, maintenance, and service industries. Over 4,500 customers use our software throughout the world.

The company is ranked among the first five ERP vendors worldwide, having around 3500 employees, 800 Million US$ turnover, 4500 Customers operating in 50 Countries in all Continents.

Lawson is concentrated in ERP software , our proposal for manufacturing companies is M3. M3 is the new name of Movex, the ERP once produced and distributed by Intentia, incorporated in Lawson four years ago.

M3 is not just a rebranding, but a completely different solution as per technology, while functionalities maintained the same structure, adding a number of important additional features and functionalities to improve our Customer’s efficiency .

Oustmart has full technical and functional capability to address the requests from Lawson’s current customers and its consultants have assisted many Hungarian Customers in implementing and developing Lawson’s software solutions. For more deatails about Lawson, please visit http://lawson.com/

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