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About Us

Outsmart is a Hungarian limited company with a mission of delivering best professional services in class to its customers.

Outsmart was founded in 2006. Owners’ aim was to separate its sales and marketing characteristic activities from its highest quality services of information technology (IT). The management realized that the key to the further development of the company is focusing on the sales and marketing, while having a strong reliable background of IT professionals. With these ideas a new company was decided to set up in the middle of 2006, called Outsmart.

Outsmart delivers professional services on the following areas:

  • implementation of ERP systems
  • consultancy
  • project management
  • quality assurance
  • support of ERP systems
  • problem solving
  • operation
  • software development
  • development of vertical solutions
  • integration of ERP with other applications
  • Internet based ERP solutions
  • JAVA based web applications
  • telco grade mobile solutions
  • e-learning applications
  • web applications for the insurance industry

Currently Outsmart’s first priority is to provide founder’s ICT projects with high quality professional resources. However to meet the defined target, Outsmart is inspired to serve the growing needs of large corporations and the SMEs for ERP solutions on the highest standards.

To ensure the best in class services for its valued customers, Outsmart builds strong partnership with the main players of the ICT industry. Through its owner, Outsmart has got traditionally good relations to the decisive members of the Hungarian management of the largest global IT suppliers such as IBM, Microsoft, HP, Oracle, just to mention some of them.

Outsmart’s 40 highly qualified IT experts are to meet the goals, to become a key player on the Hungarian professional ERP services market within the next 3 years.

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